The Bumbling Husband

This is something I've wanted to talk about for awhile. Something that has bothered me for years. The media, well tv actually, protrays husbands as bumbling, messy, lazy idiots. Here is a nice example, I saw a commercial for god knows what cleaning product, saying how you need their product because of "kids, pets and husbands". Proclaiming this while showing a man using a blender with the contents spilling everywhere. Really? Do people think men are this stupid? Are men this stupid? Not my husband. He cleans, cooks, helps with laundry, grocery shops with me, snuggles with our little puppy. He's not some idiot who makes a mess in the kitchen and says "uh -oh!" while shrugging stupidly. He's the one cooking homemade salmon picatta, while I help clean up. He's the one saying we should try the Puttanesca sauce at the grocery store.

He doesn't downplay his happiness in our relationship either. He doesn't pretend that he's "the man" fearing that his friends will think he's whipped. He's happy to be happy and doesn't care what they think, he's not going to complain about our sex life, or my cooking, just to look like he's the boss (we're more of a team, but he's still the man of the house). He helps me decorate our house and tells me when clothes don't look good on me.

I have no fears for him as a father either. I know he will be giving baths, wiping butts, kissing tears, and babywearing, all while being a tattooed, gun-toting, badass (don't worry he's a cop).

I hope this post doesn't give the wrong idea, I'm not bragging about my husband (well, maybe a little) I'm just trying to prove a point that men don't have to be bumbling, messy, lazy idiots to be men.

Inspired by a wonderful post by Ryan, a diaper changing, wife loving husband over at Pacing the Panic Room - When a Man Feels like a Woman.

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