June Vacation

We took a vacation over the last 10 days and instead of going to San Francisco, or roadtripping to Niagara Falls, we drive all the way home to Michigan and spent time with our families. Mike helped his Dad and my brother work on their houses while I sat with the iPad and tried to study as much as possible for boards. We ate (a lot), drank, went on the boat, swam, sat around the fire, held babies, and it further reminded us of why we want to move back home. 
 Thanks for f-ing up my suitcase

 Fish on! 24ish inch Pike, first fish of the season

  Father's Day sunset on the lake with my parents

 Pink sky in my brothers backyard

Driving to the river house  

 Evening boat ride

  Momma cuddles

Always fishing that one

 The River House

Aunt cuddles before heading back to IL


Perfect Iced Coffee

About a month ago, we bought this Bodum French Press, (I was told by this diva, that my Ikea one was not up to par, Hi T!). Mike has been using it daily and is now so spoiled by french press coffee that the Keurig has found a new home in the pantry. It's summertime and iced coffee is a staple around here so we've been using the French Press to make iced coffee. Here's how we do it. 

Fill the french press with the appropriate amount of coffee. Bodum says " 1 tablespoon or bodum scoop per 4 oz cup".  I made a 16 oz pot so I used 4 scoops.

Pour in the boiling water (16 oz). I heat the water in a glass measuring cup in the microwave.

Stir with a nonreactive (e.g. wood or glass) utensil

Let coffee sit for 4 minutes

Push plunger. This is basic french press. If you want hot coffee, go for it. For iced coffee, keep reading

Pour the coffee into a pitcher, preferably glass or ceramic so your coffee doesn't take on a plasticy taste. 

Once chilled at least 4 hours (sometimes I leave it overnight), pour coffee over ice. Add sugar (or not)

Add cream (or not). Milk substitutes such as soy, almond or rice, work well here too because the coffee is not hot and won't effect the flavor of the milk substitute. A good ratio is 3/4 coffee 1/4 cream/milk/whatever. But whatever ratio works for you. Enjoy!


Fathers Day

My Dad rocking the baby wearing with my brothers AJ and Eric

Dad. His relationship with my mom showed me how a man should treat his wife and his relationship with us showed us how a parent should raise a child: Funny. Sensitive. Sweet. Concerned. Present. Straight talking. Supportive. Love you Dad. 

Mike's dad on the first day home from the hospital with him

Dad. The truest version of a the strong, silent type. He taught me that a man can work long hard hours and still be a polite and caring person. He put his family's needs before his own and never complained. Thank you for setting such a wonderful example of what a man and father should be. Love you Dad.


Warm Weather Essentials

It's already June and along with studying for the NCLEX, I'm gearing up for summer. Here are some of my warm weather essentials.

American Eagle makes the Perfect Summer Shorts, the Midi Short: the perfect length.

This lightweight, fast drying Pestamel Beach Towel can be used as a sarong, towel or blanket.

These Honey Yogurt Berry Pops, a healthy popsicle with fruit, natural sweeteners and high protein greek yogurt. Make your own with these Stainless Steel Popsicle Molds or this Push Pop Mold!

I hate doing my hair in the summer and this Twisted Updo is perfect for short hair. If I had longer hair, I'd rock the perfect messy bun everyday.

I think this Summertime in Paris Cocktail sounds sophisticated and refreshing. A bottle of  Rose wine is also great on warm evenings. You could also make some of these great alcohol free cocktails.

This Straw Tote is perfect for the beach or the farmers market, or just as a purse.

I've been eyeing these Tom's Casual Flats but they're a bit pricey. Another option are these chic Bensimon Sneakers or these classic Converse Chuck Taylor slip-ons

P.S. More summer essentials and some simple summer food

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