Happy Friday

This about sums up my feelings about life. Happy Friday


Everyday Style: Laundry

Better than plastic, this wicker basket is stylish and sturdy. This pretty lady is from Toast, a U.K. based store, and is pretty pricey. Fortunately wicker baskets are available everywhere from World Market to Target.

Collapsible Laundry Basket from House 8810. So chic and French looking.

I'm digging this very sweet looking Ruffle Laundry Bag from Urban Outfitters

Ditch the dryer sheet, which often coat your clothes and linens with a thin layer of chemicals to produce that soft feeling, with these Natural Wool Dryer Balls from BK Soap Co.

This galvanized tub from Main St. Supply is perfect for soaking and pretreating

Store powdered laundry detergent (like Seventh Generation, Charlie's Laundry Soap, or this homemade variety) in glass jars with a wooden or stainless steel scoop.

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