Mother's Day

The most important thing my mother taught me was to relax. I'd have temper tantrums as a child, a short temper with inanimate objects and projects that I inherited from my Dad. When these would occur at home, my Mom usually let me get it out and we would move on. She knew how to handle me, just like she knows how to handle my Dad when he gets mad at the garbage disposal or the printer. She always wanted me to try not to be so hard on myself, if things weren't perfect.  And, although I don't have children yet, I know that I want to try to instill that same mentality into them. That things don't always go your way, that you may not get everything you want, that you may not get everything to look right, but to relax, and if you get mad sometimes it's ok to get out your frustrations and move on. My mom, my best friend, my four times twice a week phone call, my sounding board, my support, my advice giver, my reassurance. Love you Mom. Happy Mother's Day.

P.S. This is my favorite photo of my Mom. ever. She looks so relaxed and happy, and of course I love that 70s style.

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