* Hi friends, I really have no reason or excuse for why I haven't been around. I just... haven't felt like it. I've been free from any and all studying for the last month and it has been strange to adjust to not having anything to do. I try to stay busy, but I eventually slow down and my lack of motion leads to standing still. It's nice to sleep late, have lunch with my friends, hang out with Mike everyday, go to bed late and wake up and do it again. But the problem is that it's not balanced with the appropriate amount of mental stimulation and responsibilities. Everything in life requires balance and this is no exception. *

* At some point this space became me trying desperately to post what I thought people wanted to see, what I read on blogs. But I'm tired of that and I think it feels inauthentic. I've tried so hard to be "successful" at blogging, i.e. lots of followers, sponsors, giveaways, freelance opportunities, but it just feels like the popular or successful bloggers are members of a secret sorority, with one blogger popping up on another's blog or smiling next to them in instagram photos. I've never been in a sorority and don't know how to pledge. No, I'm not from New York City, or Mormon (weird I know, but I follow quite a few successful bloggers who happen to be Mormon), I don't do crafts, I'm not a Mom, I'm just me, documenting my life and all the beautiful moments. It's taken so long for me to give up the idea that I had to be successful at blogging for it to be worth while, and I just recently completely stopped checking my stats and feeds. It's liberating.*

* I created a new blog, it's nothing yet, just a page with a title, and when I'm ready I'll share it with you. Sure, I could change the name here and retool things, but I like to start fresh. Shake off the old, take a deep breath, and start over. All I can tell you is that it's going to be a place that's much more authentic, less about "things", full of my own photos, with maybe more words than people will like, but it will be honest and real. *

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