The Bird is the Word

I was slaving in the kitchen making beet and miso soup when Mike came in and told me there was "something wrong with this bird" outside. Sure enough, just squatting on the sidewalk was a little robin chick(?). The best part was that when you got near it, not only did it not fly away (I'm guessing this failed attempt was what got it there) but it opened it's mouth wide waiting for some satisfying regurgitated food. Mike and I briefly discussed the concept of "if you touch the baby, the mom won't take it back" - Mike stating that that logic only applied to bunnies (?). But, in the end we decided he would don a latex glove and put it back in it's nest in the nearby tree where at least three little chicks and a momma and dad robin were hanging out. So amidst a couple dive bomb attacks from dad robin, mike plopped that little bird in with it's kin. I swear I thought, just for a minute, that the parents might angrily push the little one back out, but fortunately that didn't happen. So in honor of our little bird nest outside, here are some lovely bird themed home decor and fashion items for you to love.

Dwell Studio Chinoiserie Long Pillow (In my mind, Dwell Studio were the originals in bird chic)

Anthropologie Tweet Knob

Urban Outfitters "First Flight" Wall Decal

Swallows Organic cotton tee by Stevester

West Elm Patch NYC wall art

Blue Bird Organic Onesie by Apericots

"You know there's an issue facing many Americans today that I know concerns a great number of us. According to Gallop Polls: 1 in 12 American's is unaware that the Bird is the Word."

- Peter Griffin - Family Guy

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