Container Garden Progress

Remember my little container garden? Well it's progressing nicely, so I wanted to share. We never got around to adding the missing tomatoes and cilantro, as I've been trying to fill up every spare minute this summer before I start my nursing program, so here is what we're working with:

These are the beginnings of our yellow squash. No vegetables yet, but I know these are the first step (which I think is pretty amazing by the way)

This is the most awesome cucumber ever (and the only one that's really starting to get some meat on it)

Here is the first Serrano pepper that grew. It was way ahead of the pack. It sat fully formed on the vine before any other ones started to sprout. Now, there are at least a dozen tiny little Serranos sprouting from all the leaves of the plant

The basil is proliferating of course. I've always been told they grow like weeds. It forms a pretty little star shape, that has also overshadowed the parsley, making their competition for sunlight severely one sided.

One of the things that helped tremendously with the proliferation of our little garden is the use of natural fertilizer. Fish emulsion is an organic liquid fertilizer made from byproducts of the fish oil and fish meal industry. Fish emulsion is appropriate for many uses in the garden, but is especially useful to feed leafy green vegetables, due to its higher nitrogen content.

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