Earth Day

Image by The Twitterpated Toad via Etsy
Earth day is here again, so I'm back with more earth friendly tips and ideas. Adding onto the list from last year, here are some more ways to green your everyday.

Switch to recycled toilet paper
Bring your own reusable mugs to coffee shops (you can even get 10 cents off at starbucks)

Bring your own glass container to the deli counter for meats and cheeses

Donate unwanted items to charity or use craiglists free section or freecycle.org

Buy music and movies digitally to cut down on packaging and waste

Get books and movies from the library, saves resources and it's free

Install faucet aerators on all taps

Install a dual flush toilet system (much cheaper than a new low flow toilet)

Build a rain barrel

Check out some more tips at One Millions Acts of Green

P.S. No, we don't do all of these things in our home, but we're working on doing as much as we can. 
Any other good ideas? I'd love to hear from you...

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