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My parents are pros at canning homemade spaghetti sauce, and keeping them on hand throughout the winter and to give as gifts. So, when my Mother in Law recently supplied me with a pristine condition pressure cooker and a box full of Ball jars and lids, I was excited to get started. My little veggie garden will not provide enough for me to can, except maybe if I can get a couple more cucumbers to grow. I can pick them when they're small and then make some baby dills (I picked up some pickling spices at Penzy's). So, instead I need to hit the farmers' market for a sufficient supply of in season veggies. For now I've been using the canning jars for homemade salsas like this. My Aunt and I are planning on hitting the farmers' market soon to grab a bushel of ugly, delicious ripe tomatoes to make "sauce" and maybe some other veggies (roasted red peppers?) if we're feeling adventurous. I'll let you know how it goes...


Ball's "How to Can" Videos

Make your own canning jar labels

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