Happy Friday

chai latte (poladroid)

Fridays have just been creeping up on me so fast lately. With weekend clinicals and a quick trip to Michigan the last few weeks have just flown by. The semester is beginning to wind down, but this next week includes nursing lab, an education presentation, an exam, a 3-5 page paper, an online discussion board, a visit from the inlaws (which means house cleaning), and cooking homemade green bean casserole for Thanksgiving. Glad I have some Tazo Chai Latte in the fridge to help me make it through the week.

P.S. I dropped my phone in the toilet. The good news is that it was a clean toilet. The bad news is that I dropped it in the toilet. I went and upgraded to the iPhone 4. Although it's great to have the newest phone, we had decided to wait to upgrade our phones until we really needed to, so I'm still pouting about it a bit.

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