As previously mentioned, I wanted to start canning vegetables this year. So after grabbing a bunch of tomatoes in season (we canned in September), we got to it:

We started with about 15 lbs of tomatoes

Clean the tomatoes and score an X into the bottom. This makes it easier to peel them.

Boil the tomatoes for about 2 minutes. The skins should slip off easily at this point.

Remove the core and seeds of the tomatoes

At this point, you can either leave them chunky or puree them for either canned whole tomatoes or tomato sauce. Fill each jar to about an inch from the rim (the ones below are a bit under filled). Place them in a boiling hot water bath for 25-45 minutes depending on the size of the jars.

Remove the jars with kitchen tongs or a sweet can grabber and let them sit for 24 hours. As they sit you will here little pops as the cans seal themselves. Make sure the cans are sealed before putting them in the pantry. We managed to produce about 5 jars of canned tomatoes and 4 jars of sauce.

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