Back to Black

I miss my long hair. I don't regret cutting it and donating it, but I miss it. And I'm tired of my straight bob. So I went back to black. I like the contrast of my black hair with light skin and blue eyes, although one of my teachers asked me if I was feeling well (note to self, don't forget blush). My hair stylist decided to scare the shit out of me by telling me that if I ever wanted my hair a different color that it would have to be bleached out. But then I remembered that this is not my first rodeo with black hair and that every other time I've dyed it, it naturally fades away until my hair returns to normal.

I've also been curling my hair again. I feel it gives a bit of a vintage vibe and it's that little difference that'll help me get through the growing out phase. I desperately wish I had the photo of my grandma that my grandpa keeps next to his bed, so you can see her in all her dark wavy haired pin-up-esque glory. I also bought some fake eyelashes, although I'm not wearing them in the photo above. And some red lipstick. What? I'm going all out.

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