The Long and Short of It

For the past year, at least, I've been thinking about cutting my hair. It's not that I don't like my hair long, I just needed a change. I had grown my hair out for 3 years following my wedding and it was the longest it had ever been. I've gotten so tired of tying my hair up on top of my head just to get it off of me and with 90 degree temperatures it was getting frizzy and wavy and I just wanted it off my neck. I had actually started sleeping in a ponytail, something I never do, just to keep it from wrapping around my neck while I slept. At some point I realized that my hair was probably long enough to donate and I figured it would probably never be this long again. So I researched a few places: Pantene - needed virgin hair, so they were out, Wigs for Kids needed 12 inches of virgin hair, so they were out. Locks of Love required 10 inches and dyed hair was acceptable, Bingo.

already starting to get wavy and frizzy in this picture
I hate my profile
You can't tell, but I'm freaking out a little here
I'm perpetually unphotogenic and had a difficult time getting a good picture, so rest assured that it looks better in person. I'm hoping that I now look older than the teens I've been accused of.  I have to say though, that regardless of the shock of looking in the mirror and the fear of looking matronly and not sexy victoria's secret modely (you know with the long wavy hair), that it is wonderful not having long hair stuck to my neck in this heat or picking up almost foot long pieces of hair from the floor.


Anyone else ever donated hair? Was it a good experience or did you miss your long locks?

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