Container Garden 2011

Oh, I long for the days when I will have a giant garden on a few acres of land, but alas, my house isn't selling and I'm working with what I have. This year we planted:

Jalapeno Peppers

Parsley (which thoroughly shadows Cilantro)
Cilantro (which clearly is not doing so hot)
and Tomatoes
The other day I was tending the plant and found what looked like rabbit poop on the leaves. I followed them up the plant and BAM, this little bastard was sitting there munching away on one of my tomatoes. Doesn't he remind you of the Hookah smoking caterpillar from the Alice and Wonderland cartoons? I think it's the little feet. You know you're going to google it. Anyway, he was literally about six inches long and the size of my thumb. Mike pulled him off (very reluctantly on the caterpillar's part) and put him on a tree about 15 feet away.
The next day however, guess who was back feasting. This time, I took him off, and walked across the empty retention pond about 100 feet away and put him on the ground at the base of a tree. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, come back a third time, and I'm not sure your removal will be as pleasant.

We googled this guy and found out it is a tomato horn worm. After it eats enough of my tomatoes it will turn into Mothra, with a wing span of about 5 inches. I found this moth last year and think it could be a tomato horn worm moth.

That about sums up my current adventures in gardening. What's everyone else growing this year? Any tomato horn worm sightings?

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