It's Not Easy Being Green

Image via The Dreamy Giraffe
If you've spent some time around this blog, or know me personally, you know I have a passion for trying to live "green". This came about the past few years as I've come to find nature as life giving and sustaining. Sorry to get all philosophical on your ass, but it's the truth. I hate to see people throw away plastic, styrofoam, and paper, and I hate even more that it truly doesn't bother them. And don't get me started on hospital waste. Yes, certain things absolutely should be one time use and discarded. Plastic baby bottles are not one of them. But I digress.To me, it seems unlikely, that we will be able to sustain our way of life for too much longer at this rate. Sigh. I always do try to fight the big fight.

Another important reason for me to be green is to save cash. For example, cloth diapering saves an average of 1500$ - 2000$ for the time one child is in diapers. You can also save money by making your own cleaning products, paying less for trash (depends on the service), lowering your gas and water bills by using low flow shower heads, washing clothes in cold water, and utilizing the dishwasher, save on gas by carpooling, and save money by utilizing the library. 

All of the above being said, We're by no means perfect. No, I don't buy all organic food. Not at all. I only buy organic produce if it's the same or about 50 cents more than traditional. There's no point in buying organic packaged food unless it is obviously less processed, has fewer ingredients and doesn't contain things like proplyene glycol. We still buy meat that is not organic, especially when organic chicken at Costco costs twice as much as traditional, instead trying to buy locally produced meat (yay Earl's Meats!), and wild caught venison. We do buy organic milk and eggs, though we try to get farm fresh eggs when we can, and organic cheese, at least the type that we buy, is hard do come by. We also still eat at restaurants where we no nothing of their practices for produce, dairy and meat. 

In general I feel that we have a pretty good balance, we do have low flow shower heads, wash clothes in cold, carpool, go to the library, make (ahem) buy natural cleaning products, and compost. We also go out to eat, buy non-organic food, buy non eco friendly clothes and other products, and use our AC. I'd love to be "Zero Waste" but we live in a place with Farmers' Markets for 3 months out of the year, and not a bulk store in sight. I want people to be inspired to start making green changes, but to be honest about how green I really am.

"Be the change, you want to see in the world" - Ghandi

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