Guest Bedroom Redesign

So, originally the plan was to redo the second bedroom like this. But, after some discussing we decided to turn the second bedroom into an actual guest bedroom since many a family house guest chooses to sleep at my Aunt's house nearby due to the fact that there is only an air mattress at our place. We paired down the computer a bit and bought a small desk to go in our underused overhang/balcony that overlooks the first floor. I'll post a pic of that soon (we have to do some painting/accessorizing first). So the second bedroom took on a life of it's own and we're running with it.

Sorry for the poor quality, I took it on my iPhone in the store with a couple of other options.

We went to Lowes and picked up some of this wallpaper. I only ordered one roll since, apparently, I don't know how to calculate square footage. Fortunately, after ordering another roll, calling to make sure it was the same lot number, putting up the first roll, the second roll not arriving on Friday as expected, my in-laws staying another day in hopes it would come on Monday, thinking we may have to order another roll because the pattern repeat is so large that we keep having to cut off a substantial amount, it finally arriving on Monday at 7:20 pm, and finishing putting it up until 11:00 pm - it's finally up.

Then during one of our many trips to Target, I spotted this beauty. It's part of the Dwell Studio for Target line that I adore.

Then during another trip to Target for cardboard bankers boxes we found this set. We bought the quilt, the last sham they had in stock and some matching organic sheets.

Then we headed over to ikea and found this little guy that would be perfect in the corner with the above yellow and gray pillow and a throw.

Next step is to repurpose the top of our white desk into a headboard, buy a bed frame and mattress, and add a few more accessories. I'll post the before and after pics, as soon as we're finished.

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