Everyday Style: Sleepwear

After years of rocking a sexy, stretched out unisex t shirt and old cheer leading shorts to bed, I decided it was time to find something cute to wear to bed. Also, because I usually wear a sleep mask (or goggles as they have been called) and a bite guard for TMJ, I need all the help I can get. I've fallen in love with wearing a cute little chemise (pronounced sheh - mease, take that one semester of fashion school). Target and Old Navy have some cute ones, and sometimes I'll splurge on an Anthropologie one if it's on sale.
Calypso St. Barth's for Target

Aztec Princess Chemise - Eberjey

Lace Trim Floral Chemise - Old Navy

gilligan women's chemise in sultry plum - Target

Downy Dandelion Chemise - Anthropologie
In the warmer months it's comfortable enough to just wear the chemise around the house in the morning. But in the winter, I usually throw on some yoga pants and a sweater, but I'm thinking I need these cotton thigh highs from American Apparel. Reminds me of the hunter green leg warmers I wore with my high school poms uniform.

Cotton Thigh Highs - American Apparel

And of course a sweater. Prettier than a bath robe, below are some cute ones from Old Navy, but I think a long sweater coat type would be cute too.  

Jersey Wrap Sweater - Old Navy
V neck cardigan - Old Navy

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