For Sale. Still.

We listed our house almost six months ago. We've cleaned the hell out of it 8 times for showings with no call backs, no re-showings, no offers. We've lowered the price by 16k, 16! I thought we'd be long gone by now. I remember arguing with Mike before we listed that we'd probably be out by July. Ha. Silly of me to think I was somehow different than all the other people whose houses won't sell. But I did think that, and part of me actually still does, still holding on to the hope that we'll be the lucky ones. Even though we lowered our price and we will take a big loss, I still think it'll happen. Do you know why I think that? Because it has to. My heart moved home when we decided to move back to Michigan and it's still there.





I wish so much that it mattered. That it mattered that all we want is to be with our families.

Sure there are other options. What about renting? Well, the problem is that the unstable economy that is forcing people like us to rent is the same economy that renters are living through. Even a well qualified gold star carrying renter can't be certain of their economic future. I'm not sure a renter would want to pay the total cost of the mortgage, taxes and condo assessment, and even if we found a renter (there has been some interest) What if we get a renter and they up and split one night, leaving us with two mortgages. Or, what if they stop paying. Don't leave, just stop. It still takes a month before you can evict someone and again we would be stuck with two mortgages.

Our six month listing is due to expire soon and I guess we'll just relist. And wait. And wish. And dream. And plan.

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