Even though Halloween fell on a Monday, Mike and I both had Halloween off so we headed to our friends Kate & Derek's house in Chicago. There's always been a little sweet spot in my heart for the city. I loved visiting and commuting down there when I started college and still love the ambiance of Chicago. Our friends live in a a gorgeous and spacious three flat near some wonderful restaurants and shopping, and it made me long (just a little) for city living.


Watching kids trick or treat down the tree lined city streets up to the beautiful, vintage buildings was like living in a movie.

  After appetizers, wine, and dinner, we headed to the local bars for drinks and dancing.

 In the morning, slightly the worse for wear (at least me), we walked a few blocks for breakfast and coffee. 

Now that it's November it feels like the year is winding down to a close. This year has flown by, from New Year's to my Birthday, to our Spring Vacation, to the 4th of July, to Labor Day to Halloween.

On to The Holidays.

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