Family Weekend

Mike and I went home for the weekend. It was our usual quick three day trip, on a rare weekend off for Mike and in between my 8 week sessions of school. This trip home was for my Sister-in-Law Kristin's baby shower, during which, the boys worked on getting the nursery ready for their new little one. The shower was at my Mom's house, my Sister-in-Law Kate handled all the decor, and my Aunt Bobbie took care of the appetizers, my job was to get up at 5am and get to Michigan in time for the shower.

The next day we headed over to Mike's parents house and took a trip to Yates Cider Mill. I remember when we moved to Illinois, and during that first fall, was looking forward to taking the usual trip to the cider mill for cider and doughnuts, only to find out that no such place existed in Illinois, where instead off apples and cherries, corn and soybeans are the staples.

Delicious Michigan apples. The grocery store just doesn't compare.
Heck yeah, fresh doughnuts!

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