Mike and I have lived in Illinois for 8 years, so it's understandable why people get confused when we go "home" for the weekend. But for us, Michigan will always be home. As cliche as it sounds; home is where the heart is. That is why we decided to move back "home". We moved to "Chicago" a few months after I graduated high school. I had dreams of being a fashion merchandiser (what? check out this post for a quick recap). Within two months that was over and after I settled on the medical field, we settled into a wonderful life here in Illinois including buying a home, getting married (in Michigan of course), Mike getting hired, and me finally starting nursing school. Life has been wonderful here, we have a handful of amazing close friends and extended family who we see regularly and have a wonderful time with, Mike has his career, and we have a cute little home, but it still feels to me like I'm missing something. 

Now I definitely can barely hold out to the end of my nursing program to start having babies, but there's more to it than that. We're both very close to our immediate families, and I've become so close with my brothers and their wives that I really miss them every day. I want to go to my nieces' ballet recitals, school plays, baseball games, and birthday parties. I want our parents to come over and help us work on our house. I want weekly family dinners. I want midweek coffee with my sisters in law. I want our children to grow up with their grandparents. We always thought it made more sense for us to stay in Illinois, but after a long week in Michigan over the summer, we realized nothing makes more sense than for use to move home. 

Now to sell the house, Mike to finish school and get certified in MI, me to finish my nursing program and get my RN transferred to MI, live with my Aunt Bobbie in the the interim, Mike to find a job in MI, me to get a job in MI, and to find and buy a house. Our goal is Michigan by June 2012. I can't wait.

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