Guest Bedroom Redesign - Desk to Headboard Transformation

We've been working on our guest bedroom redesign for quite awhile, so I wanted to post an update as to some of the progress we've made.

The room started like this. Oh, how I abhorred that paint color, but we figured it would be a lot of work to cover such a deep color, so I attempted to work with it. As I look at the photos, however, I can tell that there was nothing "working" in this room. Things were kind of put together piece meal (I won that chair by the way, I would've never put an orange chair with those colors by design, but it is a nice 689.00$ steelcase chair, so I'm still trying to figure out a way to re-cover it) Although we originally planned to keep this space an office, we decided it would be more efficient to create a guest bedroom.

Since we had moved the "office" onto the balcony and got a scaled down desk. I wasn't sure what to do with the existing desk. I figured we could store it in the attic, but thought we might be able to utilize it in another way. We already had the white shelving and wanted a modern, clean lined white headboard, like Ikea's malm, or CB2's Alpine bed to go with it, but the malm had been discontinued in white, and the alpine was out of our budget. So I approached Mike with the idea of repurposing the headboard (as he would have to do the carpentry) and we brainstormed how we could make it work.

At 68 inches, the desk top was able to extend the width of a queen bed (60"). So we went to our local Menard's and grabbed one 8 foot 2"x 4" and cut it in half.

We then connected the 4 foot beams onto a standard queen bed frame

Then he attached the desk top to the beams, leaving 3 inches on either side, making sure the screws were short enough that they didn't protrude on the front.

Here is the final product. So for about 10 bucks we had ourselves a nice new headboard.

P.S. You might have noticed that the bedding has changed. Although we loved the Dwell Studio floral bedding, it clashed with the floral wallpaper. I loved this set from West Elm, but it was no longer available, so we went for a something with a similar feel from Target.

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