Fall Fashion

I often have trouble finding clothes I like when I'm out shopping, I always have to analyze every piece of clothing and then I often buy things that I don't love just to have something to show for a 2 hour shopping trip. This also happened to be a problem when trying to find things to decorate a room. However, since I started using mood boards to help lay out a decorating scheme and set me on the right track, it has led to less frustration and more streamlined shopping. So, I thought a clothing mood board might help get the ball rolling in the fashion department. Enter Polyvore, where you can create outfits using individual pieces from thousands of retailers (it's clear I spend entirely too much time online). But it has seriously helped me get my fashion excitement back. The board below is a fall fashion mood board, yeah there's a denim shirt there, shut up about it. The point of the board was to identify pieces that could be mixed into my existing wardrobe (skinny jeans, leggings, tan knee high boots, shorts, you get the idea). So the next time I hit the mall I was able to look for specific pieces that would integrate seamlessly into what I already owned. So if you're in a fashion rut, check it out.

P.S. Is it clear that I'm obsessed with navy blue and tan?

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