Tonight, we're ringing in 2012 with a big fancy dinner and a quiet evening at home. We splurged on crab legs and good quality steak, and plan on paring it with a big ol wedge salad and mashed potatoes. We, like everyone else, are looking forward to the new year, and reminiscing about 2011.

There were times the year went be so slowly, and I remember sitting in my friend Kim's car on the way home from class in April talking about how long school was taking, and how it seemed it would never be over. But all of a sudden it was 4th of July and the rest of the year just sped past. It was a good year, full of schoolwork and cleaning house for showings. Full of overtime and court for Mike. Full of choices, decisions, and plans. Full of hilarity and just hanging out. Full of celebratory drinks and good food.

Cheers to 2012.

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