Kitchen Update

Hey there! I feel like I haven't posted in forever and the new year has been pretty busy with a new niece (welcome Anna Marie!) and a new pup, but I'll share more details on that soon. This year, we wanted to freshen up the kitchen without spending a lot of money and without adding pieces that couldn't later be moved when (when, damn it!) our house sells. The kitchen/living room originally started out red with yellow accents, as can be seen in the artwork on the walls in the kitchen. The yellow, however, was quickly faded out from the living room and we instead focused on red with bold black and white. 

But the yellow in the kitchen remained and it didn't feel as cohesive as it should with such an open floor plan.

So the plan for a little kitchen update includes changing to all white dinnerware and accessories, adding more functional pieces and changing the wall decor. 

1. Le Creuset French Oven - Beautiful enough to be left on the stove and functional enough for everyday use.

2. Magnetic Knife Strip - To free up counter space on the left of the stove for a functional lazy susan.

3. Ceramic Canister with Lid - Sits on the lazy susan and holds salt so we can add pinches of salt as we're cooking.

4. White Dinnerware - Crisp, clean, affordable white dinnerware always looks chic.

5. Stainless Steel Lazy Susan - To hold cooking essentials in easy reach olive oil, vegetable oil, salt and pepper, and the butter tray.

6. Red Striped Napkin - A chic linen striped napkin to tie into the red in the living room.

7. Red Striped Dish Towel - Everyday dish towels with a little red stripe.

8. White drum shade to update our builder basic chandelier, like this one over at Young House Love - We've been searching for a shade big enough with little luck and we're working on coming up with an idea to make our own shade.

9. Farmer's Egg Crate - A fun little accessory for storage and cooking, like with making quiche

10. Wall Mounted Bottle Opener - A fun and functional accessory for my craft beer loving husband.

11. KitchenAid Stand Mixer - Another item that can be left out and can be put into action for making meatballs, pizza dough and whipped cream.

12. Stainless Steel Cookware -  We've managed to ruin our previous Bialetti teflon pans with everyday cooking and figured we'd upgrade to what the pros use. We still have two nonstick pans for eggs and fish.

13. Even noticed the wall in the dining room on Modern Family? Well they have a mix of different plates mounted on the wall and I think it creates a casual and unique look for a kitchen/dining room. So I looked around the web and found a mix of different plates that I thought would like nice mounted on the wall where the artwork currently sits. These are just for inspiration and I hope to find and pick up some unique pieces during random shopping outings.

So there you have it. We've acquired most of the pieces and plan on picking up the rest of the items when we can find them (damn you ikea, that knife strip has been out of stock for a month!), afford them i.e. Le Creuset (Birthday/Anniversary maybe?) and pick up some unique plates. I'll share some more pics when the kitchen is updated! 

Anyone else doing a mini kitchen update? Getting new appliances? Painting?

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