Kitchen Shelving

We're slowly but surely making our way through our mini kitchen update. We've added some new accessories and rearranged and reorganized, but still have some more decorating to do. More pics on that soon. Anyway, open shelving is very popular right now. Just take a look at Pinterest or Houzz for examples. I adore open kitchen shelving, and plan on installing them in our dream kitchen , but I thought there might be a way to incorporate it into our current kitchen. Then one day I was looking into the dining room and bam! I knew where to put the open shelving.

We took down the mirror and plan on moving it to a new home by the front door to make a more finished entrance. So we headed over to IKEA, and grabbed these floating shelves for 20$ a pop. 

I love how I can display all my glass serving and storage pieces as well as our coffee and tea accessories. We were also able to display Mike's grandma's vintage china, which just happened to be the perfect solid white.

I like how it makes the house feel more lived in and individualized. What do you think? Anyone else add shelving to there kitchen for display/storage?

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