Mike and I had talked about getting another dog for years. We figured it would be good for Olive to have a buddy, especially when I start working full time. We decided we wanted to adopt an adult dog, because the thought of a puppy made me all anxious and sweaty. Puppies are terrifying. You literally need to tether them to your body and never leave the house lest your furniture and rugs suffer some puppy teething/boredom induced damage. Sure we used a crate with Olive, but at some point you think they're old enough to not need one and then you're talking about how great they are only to come home and find they dug a whole through your rug. So no, we didn't want a puppy.

Of course we wanted another Boston Terrier. It's a lifestyle. So we decided to go through Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue. When we completed the online application we were told it could take up to a month. However, we applied on a Sunday and brought Max home that Thursday. 

Max was found as a stray and placed in a shelter where he was pulled by the rescue. He was fostered and placed on their website for adoption. We had already decided to get Max before meeting him. He was close to Olive's size and age (although he turned out to be a bit older), good with other dogs, cats, and kids. So when we found it he suffered from seizures, it didn't deter us from adopting him. Although I did freak a little when he had four seizures in the first few days, and made many texts and tearful phone calls to my cousin's wife and vet tech Mandy. Fortunately, Max's seizures should be completely controlled with medication and with Mandy's and the vet's help he's back on the right dose and has been seizure free for a week and should remain that way as long as he has his meds.

He doesn't have the energy of Olive and would rather cuddle on my lap than play tug, and I worried that they wouldn't "click" but they play together more everyday and cuddle more each night. He's the perfect yin to her yang.

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