Critical Care

I have my first critical care clinical rotation today and I'm a little nervous. It's the usual clinical nervousness that accompanies a new hospital and clinical group. But because we're spending time in the ER, I'm worried I'm gonna see some mangled car crash victim and find myself hiding on the far end of the unit until he's safely in the ICU.

But wait, I'm also gonna be in the ICU, with mangled car crash victims and other really sick people, and I'm gonna have TWO patients, and I'm going to be doing all their care, including charting and it's the 3-11 shift which is weird because I've only ever worked day jobs and the thought of "working" until 11 pm seems fundamentally wrong. Sorry, enough panicked rambling. I'm sure it'll be fine, and I'll walk away chomping at the bit to work critical care, right? Right?


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