December First

Did anyone else have an advent calendar growing up? We had a little felt one with a mouse that you moved from day to day. More than marking the days, however, I remember just sitting for hours playing with the mouse. I have this sneaking suspicion that December is going to fly by. Doesn't it always? There's something simple and lovely about marking each day, taking time to remember that December is more than just the month of Christmas, but the closing of the year. Ahh, I guess I'm feeling a bit sentimental.

Anyway, I've got some fun stuff planned this month including *Gift Guides* for all the loved ones in your life as well as fun holiday decor. Here's to December...

In honor of the classic advent calendar, I've compiled some modern advent calendars that I found around the web. My favorite is the tall white tower.

Mini Advent Envelope Tree via Nice Package

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