Our Christmas holiday began with a 4 1/2 hour drive out of Chicago across the state of Michigan to the homes of our families. Mike worked the previous night so the majority of the driving was up to me. Fortunately, it did not result in an 11 hour-car-turned-off-on-the-highway fiasco such as we encountered two years previous, but remained uneventful.

After arriving at Mike's parents, with intentions of Mike adding a few hours nap to his 2ish hours of poor sleep in the car, we barely had time to run to the grocery store and change out of jeans and hoodies before the rest of Mike's family arrived. Mike never got his nap. But he did get a 5 hour energy and trooper that he is stayed awake for about 30 hours minus the snooze in the car. I would be a total bitch, but he always manages to keep going. He'll do anything to spend time with his family. After a traditional ham dinner, gifts, dessert, wine, a few heartfelt conversations and rounds of pool we were whipped.

After a blissful sleep in until just shy of eleven, Mike and I woke up, made dessert for the days festivities and lounged around drinking tea and eating homemade waffles. We hopped back in the car to my parents house where we toasted with mimosas, wrapped gifts and drove together to my brother Eric and his wife Kate's house. We ate our weight in appetizers, ate a "traditional" Italian Christmas meal: Lasagna, and opened gifts, all while laughing and enjoying this occasion where we were all together.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas too.

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