Minimalist Christmas

For the first time in a few years, Mike and I are able to spend Christmas with our families in Michigan. So, although I wanted to do some Christmas decorating, it made more sense to keep it clean and low key since we won't really be around to enjoy it. Although in the past we did a red and silver color scheme, we instead to chose to do just silver this year.

I used the wreath from the door and some extra white candles to make a simple and festive centerpiece for the coffee table

We had to do some furniture rearranging so the lamp couldn't stay on the end table. A 5$ poinsettia from Lowes, and a bowl full of ornaments, was all we needed to finish off our simple buffet.

I love the look of books wrapped in white paper (check out my inspiration here) so I grabbed a few cookbooks, wrapped them with inside out Christmas wrapping paper and put the bowl of vases on top.

I scattered some ornaments on our picture ledges for another simple festive touch. I particularly love this picture of my grandparents circa 1940s.

We decided to forgo the tree decorating, not because we're not festive, but because decorating and un-decorating a 10 foot tree takes a lot of time, plus I thought it looked pretty just lit up with white lights.

The hanging ornaments add a bit of whimsy to the dining room

And we couldn't forget the kissing ball

Lastly I filled two mini cake stands with ornaments to add some sparkle to the side table. (I had a big glass cake stand, but sadly I accidentally knocked it off the counter while I was frosting Mike's birthday cake a few months ago.)

So there you have it, our simple, clean, Christmas decorations. What decorations are you rocking? Anyone going the nontraditional route? I saw some beautiful chartreuse bulbs the other day that I thought would be gorgeous. Or is everyone sticking with the classics? Leave a comment and let me know! I'd love to hear from you...

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