Feeling Crafty

So, I'm not the craftiest girl in the world. I never got into scrapbooking and I'm not particularly adept at crocheting, but I saw this collar at the pet store and knew I could make it (or something like it) myself.

Since I spent the better part of Tuesday making tissue pom pom gift toppers, I figured I might as well keep the crafty streak going and attempt a poinsettia flower collar for Olive. And since she's not one for clothes, this was a perfect way to give her a fun, festive look. I found a simple tutorial here, and adapted it to fit my needs.

I went to hobby lobby and picked up four sheets of felt (4 for a 1$). Then I gathered my supplies: Fabric scissors, fabric glue, red thread and a button of choice.

I grabbed a scrap piece of paper and hand drew a red petal to use as a stencil, then traced four petals onto the felt.

Repeat the step above until 8 petals are traced and cut them out.

I then hand drew another stencil and traced and cut out two large leaves out of green felt

I then cut out a small 1"x1" square as the base to attach the flowers.

So, I know I'm missing a few steps here (sorry, I'm new to this). I glued the petals in place in a the pattern below then rotated the flower and glued the next level in place so that alternating layers were stacked atop of one another.

I ended up with two layers of petals, followed by two layers of smaller petals. Then glued the leaves to the bottom of the red square base. I then sewed a button in place to hold the leaves together a little more securely.

Voila. Now I just need to attach it to her collar and she'll be ready for Christmas.

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