Everyday Style

Everyday style is about using everyday objects as an opportunity to use something beautiful and meaningful. It's not about buying the most expensive or trendy items, it's thinking about the purchases we make to really suite our style, values, and lives. From vintage, to green, from practical to pretty, I'm constantly finding beautiful things on the web and wanted a feature to share those things.

One of the features of everyday style is the use of objects in place of conventional items. Like a  vintage wicker basket instead of a plastic laundry basket. I used to love things "made for things", like a plastic onion keeper to store onions, when we could all just as easily use one of our many containers. That thinking always ends up with even more things. My thoughts now focus on multi-use items that have form as well as function.

For my first everyday style roundup: Pencils. Some are ecofriendly, while others are just whimsical. Enjoy.

Highlighter pencil - Stubby Pencil Studio

 Mini Wood Pencils - Beau Coup

Mustache Pencils - ModCloth

Mums the Word Washi Coated pencils - Maoiliosa

Recycled Newspaper Pencils - TreeSmart

If you have a request for a roundup of everyday style items, leave a comment below or shoot me an email: amynonymous@gmail.com

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