Eco Friendly Luggage

With our pending trip to San Francisco, and some busted up luggage from our last trip to Mexico, it was time to invest in a nice new set of luggage. And, since you know I'll crazy about all things earth friendly, I searched the web from some eco luggage choices.

Heys Usa Renovo 5 Piece Set - Made from 100% recycled polyester and is biodegradable - $390

Patagonia MLC Wheelie - Fabric made form recycled plastic soda bottles - $229

Ella Vickers Sailcloth Duffle - made from recycled sailcloth from yachts around the world- $178

Heys Usa Eco Leaves 3 Piece Set - the shell is made form 100% recycled plastic - $450
Matt & Nat Faithless Bag - Vegan leather and recycled suede lining - $147

You might be put off by those hefty price tags, but rest assured places like amazon and overstock are selling these things at a nice discount. We picked up the Heys Usa Renovo in Charcoal for $250. Still seem like a lot for luggage? We weighed the options and it seemed comparable to other luggage sets plus it had some of the features we were looking for. Not only was it made of recycled and compostable fabric but it's frameless (our other luggage tore right along the frame on our flight to Mexico) and it's lightweight so we don't have to worry as much about weight limits.

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